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01. 記憶の片隅 - PERSONA4 OST
02. Your Affection - PERSONA4 OST
03. Pursuing My True Self - PERSONA4 OST
I AM THE VampireDumbiie!!! BWAHAHAHA! and i am a female and living in Canada =^_____^= and im also on DeviantArt by the same name (VampireDumbiie) and i enjoy drawing but mostly anything to do with anime or manga and HOPE YOU ENJOY MY BLOG~~♥♦♣♠
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i am so tired

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ohhhh my god

I clicked on this without knowing quite what it was because I love to be adventurous and it turned out to be the fabled pizza yaoi video someone told me about months ago. I really recommend everyone watch it. it’s less than a minute long and there are no dicks or anything. there is only pizza yaoi

this video changed my life

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Vocaloid - Kagamine Len